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The number starts with the 0203 prefix, meaning that the number is originating from London, 0203 prefixes came into use by increased demand that couldn’t be fulfilled with 0208 prefixes in the London region. Since they entered the usage, we are all aware London numbers can have either one of the prefixes assigned to London.

Which company uses 020 3467 5697?

Investigating the number further we found that the number is associated with Funding Circle, an online platform for business loans which has increased its engagement with businesses densely during the Covid Loan Scheme as a certified borrower from the government.

About the owner of 020 3467 5697

Funding Circle is the trading name of Funding Circle Holdings PLC  and their slogan was “BUILDING THE PLACE WHERE SMALL BUSINESSES GET THE FUNDING THEY NEED TO WIN” Having been established in 2010 they have widened their network with great success and opened the doors to borrowing opportunities for small business owners, comparing the service to high street banks using analytics data and technology they have started a new age in business loans in the UK.

Their business originally started with a peer-to-peer lending business model as a marketplace that provides the public with the opportunity to lend money to eligible small and medium-sized businesses. The most distinctive feature they offered was lower costing loans compared to traditional bank loans, the business model also allows the public to be a part of the process and make a return on their capital investment, and it has raised lots of interest from people who wants to make investments but believe that it would too be small for the banks that deal with highly valuable accounts. The founders had the idea to fruition in a public house in 2008, their names are Samir Desai, James Meekings and Andrew Mullinger.

Having all graduated from Oxford University their educational background has been the effective selling point of their idea to the investors initially to put down capital to bring the marketplace live in the UK market. They saw the picture during the 2007-2009 crises in the UK lending and financial market as banks were refusing more borrowers than ever to make their balance sheets stronger and adhere to more strict regulations. As we stated they have made a huge amount of lending during the Covid period to small and medium-sized enterprises with sums totalling 20 million pounds. It took 2 years for the founders to decide to leave their jobs and start Funding Circle in 2010. From the beginning to 2013, they had a record of £160 million lending to businesses through the platform. In 2013 the company had mergers and acquisitions to enter the US market they formed a merger with Endurance Lending network to access the market stronger as a strategy.

What to do when you receive a call from 020 3467 5697?

If the number is not spoofed there would be no harm in answering the call from Funding Circle. It might be related to a previous application submitted or for a follow-up regarding new funding opportunities for your business.

As a result of our investigation, we can confirm that the number 02034675697 is a number safe to answer and belongs to the Funding Circle Customer Team.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation whatsoever with the number owner or any subsidiary companies related to the phone number in investigations. Reports posted are entirely of our own checks and gathered information by community engagement. If you have been a victim of spam/scam or fraud calls we are unable to help with these specific issues and you need to contact the police immediately.

Who called me from 02034675697?

The users from United Kingdom reported +442034675697 phone number 2 times, our users rated 020 3467 5697 phone number as Unknown.

The phone number 02034675697 has been checked 1424 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 020 3467 5697 and the global format of the number is +442034675697.

The carrier name is BT (88260083), mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Landline.

Our users from United Kingdom reported 020 3467 5697 in these categories Scam (1 times), Uncategorized (1 times).

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London, United Kingdom

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    BT (88260083)
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Captain Catcha

One Year Ago

Do not trust these safe messages, who would find time to leave safe messages but scammers trying to convince you to part with your money and identity. ALWAYS call your bank back on a clear line from a different phone with the number you gave on their paperwork and check whether they are really trying to contact you. NEVER give personal details of account information in replies to emails or text messages, the genuine banks already know this about you so will not ask you for it.


Hailey B.

2 Years Ago

This is a call from Funding Circle, it is to follow up on an application so there is no harm in answering.

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