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The number starts with a 0333 prefix therefore it is a nongeographical number, in abbreviation it is called an NGN. As they are not associated with any region the other certainty, we have about the number to know is it is a landline number, not a mobile number. 0333 prefix numbers are widely used by companies for their cheap maintenance cost for calls made to people in large numbers. Since the number doesn’t indicate any region, the company would prefer to use the number to approach customers from throughout the UK by using NGN numbers.

Which company uses 0333 556 5835?

The NGN number 03335565835 belongs to Lowell Financial Debt Collectors. Although the company owns many different numbers this NGN number has been one of the top reported numbers in our platform. Similar to other debt collector companies Lowell operates by buying the debts that were not collected by companies at a low price and starts contacting the debt owners to collect the debt, it is a legitimate company and if you are being contacted by this number there is a huge possibility the call is related to your Vanquis Credit, Capital One, O2 or Littlewoods account.

About the owner of 0333 556 5835

As Lowell is one of the largest issuers of County Court Judgements in the UK it may be ideal to not block the number and speak to the consultant on the line to reach an agreement, even if the debt cannot be paid in full there is high chances you can agree to a monthly payment plan suitable for your financial position.

Lowell usually starts the procedure by gathering information regarding the debtor for all the details of their finances from salary payments to living expenditures for a view of what would be recoverable and refusing to pay or ignoring them may result in getting a CCJ on your account. They must comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules to operate as a debt collection agency.

The company's legal name is Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd. They are standard bad debt collectors and will chase you with letters and phone calls until they can recover the debt or obtain an agreement from contact attempts.

What to do when you receive a call from 0333 556 5835?

It may be worrying to receive such letters or calls from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd but always check the details of the claimed debt if the amount and company owed are correct because debt collectors sometimes send out letters to people using the same name as a scattergun approach with hope to reach a payer. Lowell Financial Ltd is the connected company of Lowell, they are registered with ICO and if for any reason your privacy has been compromised or you would like to exercise the right to be forgotten you may contact their data protection officer at [email protected] to raise your concerns or update your consents.

You can also write a letter to the Data Protection Officer at Lowell Financial Ltd, PO Box 13079, Harlow, CM20 9TE.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation whatsoever with the number owner or any subsidiary companies related to the phone number in investigations. Reports posted are entirely of our own checks and gathered information by community engagement. If you have been a victim of spam/scam or fraud calls we are unable to help with these specific issues and you need to contact the police immediately.

Who called me from 03335565835?

The phone number +443335565835 has a rating of Neutral, we are still processing the reports by the United Kingdom community.

The phone number 03335565835 has been checked 706 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 0333 556 5835 and the global format of the number is +443335565835.

The carrier name is GCI Network Solutions (Invomo), mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Landline.

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