Who called me from 08000113312?

The users from United Kingdom reported +448000113312 phone number 7 times, our users rated 0800 011 3312 phone number as Neutral.

The phone number 08000113312 has been checked 820 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 0800 011 3312 and the global format of the number is +448000113312.

The carrier name is BT, mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Landline.

Our users from United Kingdom reported 0800 011 3312 in these categories Fraud (1 times), Scam (1 times), Robocall (1 times), Uncategorized (5 times).

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Jason Brown

2 Years Ago

They claimed to be from the NatWest team. They were asking me for my national insurance number and date of birth. I checked with the official NatWest, and this number was not them. They were fraudsters.


Miranda Olson

2 Years Ago

I received a call a few days back from this number. The caller was from NatWest. They wanted to confirm a suspicious transaction from my account to know if it was genuine or not.


Ibrahim Myers

2 Years Ago

They claimed to be from the NatWest fraud team. While questioning, they were asking me to choose from options rather than entering all my details. They were genuine and very helpful.


Kelly Woods

2 Years Ago

Although there are so many scammers out there, it is the genuine number of NatWest. If someone calls you from any other number and asks for personal info or account info, kindly do not share.


Mr. Christopher Marks DDS

2 Years Ago

This is the number of Natwest company. I got a call from this number on Friday evening. It was a Robo call in which the robtot was requesting me to press a number. I would have no clue if it was a fraud call or not.


Allison Blanchard

2 Years Ago

It is from Natwest company. I received a call from this number. It was actually an automated message in which they told me they were from NatWest, and then they asked me to press a key. It is an answering machine that will tell you if you ever made any bank transaction.


Polly Lopez

2 Years Ago

It is the real NatWest number. You all should be aware of the scam calls as the scammers have cloned every phone number, and they are trying to empty your bank accounts by calling you and making you a fool. Do not share any account information with any random guy on call who claimed to be from NatWest. Take much care, but do not neglect contact from your bank as well.

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