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The number starting with the 0800 prefix is a freephone number, it is operated by Sky as an outbound phone number, due to many negative reports even Sky as a company has announced that sometimes scammers use fake numbers to make the call trustworthy to answer and made the definition of vishing in their own announcement. 

Which company uses 0800 761 3372?

The number 08007613372 belongs to Sky and if the call is genuine the advisor will ask you questions to fulfil security steps to access your account but somehow if you become suspicious do not give out any personal details, hang up and call Sky yourself, this would be the best option where you feel your personal details may be accessed for malicious intent.

About the owner of 0800 761 3372

Sky is a large telecommunications company offering services of broadband, mobile network services, business network services, home lines and TV channel package deals. Sky is well known for the TV packages where many households subscribe to watch special movie channels, sports channels and international broadcastings.

Sky Group Ltd was initially established in 1990 and became the UK’s largest digital pay company in the 90s, upon completion of the acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, the merged group changed its name to Sky PLC.

Is it safe to answer 0800 761 3372

If you receive a call from 08004089340 it is Sky Plc and the number is safe to answer.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation whatsoever with the number owner or any subsidiary companies related to the phone number in investigations. Reports posted are entirely of our own checks and gathered information by community engagement. If you have been a victim of spam/scam or fraud calls we are unable to help with these specific issues and you need to contact the police immediately.

Who called me from 08007613372?

The users from United Kingdom reported +448007613372 phone number 3 times, our users rated 0800 761 3372 phone number as Dangerous.

The phone number 08007613372 has been checked 925 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 0800 761 3372 and the global format of the number is +448007613372.

The carrier name is Sky UK Limited (Sky plc), mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Voip.

Our users from United Kingdom reported 0800 761 3372 in these categories Fraud (1 times), Scam (2 times).

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United Kingdom

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    Sky UK Limited (Sky plc)
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David Paterson

One Month Ago

Claiming they were from sky tv


Pete Smith

2 Months Ago

Caller claiming she was from Sky, wanted to make sure we where getting the best offers and asking for password. Scam


Allan Frank Killick

2 Months Ago

Caller said he was calling from Sky offering cheap internet whilst emptying your bank accounts. Funny how they always sound asian which is where all the best scammers come from.

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