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The number starts with the 0191 prefix hence the caller is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham or Sunderland, UK. The number is investigated after many reports have been submitted negatively on our platform. 

Which company uses 0191 543 3402?

The calls are from the EDF Smart Meter Installations department. EDF is making sure the customers can identify the calling numbers by announcing them on their website in a list of which departments might have been calling, the list can be accessed via the link;

About the owner of 0191 543 3402

EDF Energy is a British integrated energy company fully owned by the French state-owned EDF (Électricité de France), which operates across electricity generation and the distribution of natural gas and electricity to households and businesses across the United Kingdom. The company, with a workforce of 11,717 employees, manages 5.22 million customer accounts for both businesses and residences. EDF Energy Customers, trading as EDF, came into existence in January 2002 through the acquisition and merger of entities such as Seeboard plc, London Electricity plc, SWEB Energy plc, and two power stations (coal-fired and combined cycle gas turbine). In 2009, EDF gained control of British Energy, a major nuclear generator in the UK, solidifying its position as one of the country's largest energy generators.

The development branch of EDF, established in April 2004, consolidates the infrastructure interests of former entities LE Group, Seeboard, and SWEB. This branch focuses on participating in significant new infrastructure projects, primarily in the public sector through public-private partnerships (PPP) and private finance initiative (PFI) schemes. 

What to do when you receive a call from 0191 543 3402?

If you receive a call from the number 01915433402, the call is from EDF, it is a legitimate organization, and the number may be linked to make an appointment for installing a smart meter to watch over energy usage efficiently. If you are concerned, that you receive calls from EDF without your consent we would strongly advise you to contact them first, you are entitled to register a complaint with our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] or via post at 90 Whitfield Street, London WIT 4EZ. They collect your personal data and process your contact details to develop or improve the services, and also identify EDF’s or related third party’s products, services and marketing of these that may be of interest to the customers hence your contact details are being processed for variety of reasons with your consent at the time of opening an account for them.

If you feel the need to restrict any of the consent provided by you then you should contact them first and if you are not satisfied, then the option to file a complaint to ICO is the way to take it further. You can remove consent, where you have provided it, at any time, as well as update any of your opt-in marketing preferences by phoning EDF on 0333 200 5100, also remember you have a right to be forgotten and You can ask that EDF systems stop using your information. All you have to do to request these is contacting the Data Protection Officer of EDF.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation whatsoever with the number owner or any subsidiary companies related to the phone number in investigations. Reports posted are entirely of our own checks and gathered information by community engagement. If you have been a victim of spam/scam or fraud calls we are unable to help with these specific issues and you need to contact the police immediately.

Who called me from 01915433402?

The phone number +441915433402 has a rating of Neutral, we are still processing the reports by the United Kingdom community.

The phone number 01915433402 has been checked 558 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 0191 543 3402 and the global format of the number is +441915433402.

The carrier name is Stour Marine, mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Landline.

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Tyneside / Durham / Sunderland, United Kingdom

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    Stour Marine
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    Tyneside / Durham / Sunderland
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