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4 Months Ago

The utilization of an 0800 prefix in a phone number designates it as a toll-free number in the UK. These non-geographical numbers, favoured by businesses, the 0808 variant is also provided as an additional free number in the UK. As these numbers are not tied to any specific geographic location within the UK, callers can be situated anywhere. Businesses often opt for these numbers as primary contact points for improved customer service.

Which company uses 0800 080 3242?

When dialling 08000803242, it was determined that the call was linked to bank surveys conducted by the Southeastern Research Contact Line. Upon reaching out to the company to inquire about the ownership of the number for customer contact, they verified that it indeed belongs to Southeastern Research. If opting out is chosen in your contact preferences with your bank, the number they use to reach you should be removed from their calling list. However, this action should be validated by contacting your bank’s DPS manager for verification.

Since the company is calling for improving the services of banks and financial institutions it may be alarming, but this is a third-party company that banks procure the survey and marketing of the customer engagement and experience department. Survey companies usually have difficulty being identified as trustworthy by call receivers especially when they claim to call on behalf of the banking services providers due to scams being so popular in similar nature calls. However, this is not a scam call, it is actually to conduct a customer satisfaction survey by the bank.

Many of the public members have reported calls as spam as soon as they know that the call is for surveying the bank services, this is due to being well alarmed about call scams and frauds having increased in reports to the Action Fraud, but the banking services are also interested to know how they can make their customer’s experience better and assign a surveying company to make the necessary research about some detailed areas to improve. The number of participants must be high for these surveys to provide accurate data and as far as the public is involved the reflection of data to determine the needs of the new services is becoming more and more harder every day.

This is also making survey companies' position hard, reporters state the caller said they are from Lloyd’s Bank, well this is very possible it is a genuine customer survey being conducted on behalf of the bank but verifying this identity of the caller to the receiver might be improved further if the new technology is more advanced used for compliance purpose.

If you believe the number is spoofed, then it might be dangerous as spammers can approach a genuine company but use this to their advantage to gain more information about financial details and many others that can be used for the purpose of identity theft.

What to do when you receive a call from 0800 080 3242?

Spoofing occurs when a caller manipulates the caller ID to imitate legitimate numbers found on an organization's website. If you suspect such deceptive activity in a call from 08000803242, which appears to be a Lloyds Bank number with a manipulated caller ID, it is recommended to report it. You can reach out to the police through the non-emergency number 101 or use 999 for immediate attention. Alternatively, you may contact Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040 or visit to report any fraudulent activities. 

As a result of our investigation, we can confirm that the number 08000803242 is a number safe to answer and belongs to the Southeastern Research Contact Line.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation whatsoever with the number owner or any subsidiary companies related to the phone number in investigations. Reports posted are entirely of our own checks and gathered information by community engagement. If you have been a victim of spam/scam or fraud calls we are unable to help with these specific issues and you need to contact the police immediately.

Who called me from 08000803242?

The phone number +448000803242 has a rating of Neutral, we are still processing the reports by the United Kingdom community.

The phone number 08000803242 has been checked 1183 times on our platform.

The phone numbers country code is GB, the national format of the number is 0800 080 3242 and the global format of the number is +448000803242.

The carrier name is VoIP-Un, mobile country code is 234, and the phone type is Landline.

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